Been a while....

I went and took some pictures of Lily and Madeline. I thought it was difficult to get a good picture of one baby, but man I had to work to get two! They are so sweet! We went to the charity event call "The Big Dig" The kids get to drive and test out heavy construction equipment. Nothing better for Jackson. Emma and two for her swim friends, Haley and Sienna. Do you think Emma is tall enough...haha. And finally, Jackson .... What can I say? He takes after his Dad.

Emma and Haley

I have been practicing my protrait photography. I am so glad Emma and her friends are always so willing to model for me.


We went out for donuts on Sunday morning and then went to the park to run off all of that sugar!

This is my week for carpool pick up and it just happened to be Kylie's birthday. As a surprise, I took them out for ice cream and then back to our house to play so her mom could get birthday party preperations finished. They always have such a good time together. So nice to have your best friend live just 3 houses away. These pictures will be so cute for them to look upon as they get older. My favorite is when they said "cheers" after I gave them their water bottles!

Too cute!

The start of Canning Season

Mom and I started our canning today. We made 12 quarts of salsa. Yummy!


I took Emma for a swim workout at the Y. Swim team starts back up next week. The 5 week break has just been too long for her. She is so excited to get back in the swim routine.


I thought cats were susposed to hate water! While I was bathing Ethel, I spent most of the time fishing the kittens out of the laundry tub.